Would you like your child mentored?

Maureen works with parents and their highly sensitive children globally. Her mentoring program is focused on immediate progress (Skype and in-person).

Specifically, it helps children learn to:

  • Manage their energy better
  • Develop emotional and social skills
  • Create calmness 
  • Build self-confidence
  • Make smart choices (i.e. school, friends, stress and more)

Being sensitive isn’t always easy but with guidance from someone who has learned how to be successful with a similar nature your child can learn how to thrive.

Mentoring Program:

  • Delivered in-person or virtually (Skype)

To Register:

Contact the office for availability, pricing or additional questions: Email or 805-633-0750


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Maureen has taught 1000’s of sensitive children and teens how to have more life success.