Success with Sensitive Kids

Welcome to “Success with Sensitive Kids.” In this 5-part video series, Maureen invites you into her office and you’ll learn about:

  • Today’s Sensitive Kids (Video One) – What’s new and different with today’s sensitive children? I’ll give you a hint: There’s more than just sensitivity occurring. Most sensitive children today have additional traits like stubborness and also a shared mindset.
  • What’s Happening (Video Two) – The most common question Maureen gets from parents, professionals and other caring people around the planet is “what’s happening with my child?” In this video, she shares at the most basic level what’s happening so you have a foundation of understanding.
  • What Can We Do (Video Three) – After “what’s happening” the logical question is: What can we do? It is in this video where Maureen gives practical tips on how to help our children manage their emotions, handle situations better and begin to take control of their inner lives.
  • What Can We Do – Part II (Video Four) – After covering the most immediate items, Maureen now shares the skills these children need to develop and provides practical suggestions to help you today.
  • Summary (Video Five) – Maureen recaps what was introduced in these videos, and then expands on certain topics such as: What Approaches Work for Sensitive Kids, and What They Need to Learn.

After completing this Online Class, you’ll have a better understanding of today’s sensitive children as well as how you can help them thrive.

Each video is between 8 and 15 minutes long. They are noted on each lesson, which you can watch on any device connected to the internet. $125 for whole class.


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