Help Your Child Manage Anger

Join Maureen in her new online class: Help Your Child Manage Anger

Specifically, you’ll learn in this 4-Part Video Series:

  • What is Anger? 
  • How do you explain anger to a child?
  • What tools can I use (as a parent, professional, teacher)?
  • How do I teach a child to constructively express (not suppress) anger?

Anger doesn’t need to be an emotion that is avoided or frowned upon. Learning how to use anger as a catatylst for positive change is the goal. We don’t want to teach children that anger is bad, but that it’s what you do with anger that matters.

In this program, parents and professionals alike learn how to explain anger to a child, develop an anger vocabulary and gain tools to guide children to express anger constructively. Of course, as we take care of our own “anger issues” we may become better teachers of how to handle anger, but that’s just an obvious sidepoint that I wanted to mention.