Would you like support as a parent?

If so, Maureen can help through a private consultation (Phone, Skype, and In-person). She focuses on providing immediate assistance by:

  • Answering your questions 
  • Providing specific recommendations
  • Reviewing all material sent prior (via email)
  • Sharing real-life tools of emotional health
  • Helping you see your child anew

Consultations cover a wide variety of topics from school choice to how to make your morning scream-free. The goal is in assisting you with what you’re facing today and providing you tools or suggestions that immediately help. Maureen welcomes information beforehand so that your time spent together is most productive.

Please contact the office for pricing, availability and to schedule a consultation. (contact page).


Recent Testimonials

“You explain my child’s behavior so I get it. You translate from his language to mine. Thank you for the enormous support, my son and family have improved dramatically.” – Kim H

Thank you hardly seems enough. I’m not sure we would have made it. You helped us see what was really happening (bullying at school) and make the necessary changes. We’re in a much better place now!” – Angela W

Your help moved us in the right direction and saved us countless hours of wondering what’s happening. We appreciate your support more than you know.” – Paul and Rich