Mentoring: Why it Matters

Being mentored by a highly sensitive adult can make all the difference for  a struggling child. He begins to see himself in the other, and receive guidance on how to turn his sensitivity into an asset. Yes, I said it. Sensitivity is a liability unless one learns to balance it with logic and skill. Some of the common challenges that mentoring helps with include increasing:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Awareness / Mindfulness
  • Ability to Self-Soothe
  • Emotional Self-Control
  • Calmness
  • Skillful Perception of World

Daisy, age nine, is one of my mentoring child clients. She’s been teased by her classmate, Sophia, for two months. Her parents just found out about how challenging this has been for her and enrolled her in my mentoring program. After just two sessions, Daisy’s losing her gloomy appearance and is beginning to stand up for herself. I helped by role-playing and explaining to Daisy that there’s nothing wrong with her (often what teased children think). We’re continuing to meet but it doesn’t take long to see progress, give a child practical tools, and help them see their world differently.

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