The Magic of Mentoring

hand giving the baton to another seen from below. Focus on the hand with the baton warm tones accented because it was shooted at sunset.

Over and over again, I meet highly sensitive kids who love mentoring and hate therapy! And this is why I created a mentoring program so these children that are resistant to “help” from a professional can get the insight, guidance and practical tools they need to thrive. It’s “flipping the script” so what looks like a negative is actually positive. And of course, there’s no one on the planet who cannot benefit from an insightful guide – just think of Oprah who was mentored by Maya Angelou or Johnny Deep who had Marlon Brando.

Being supported by someone who has turned their sensitivity into an asset is also inspiring to children. They learn they’re not alone and someone with more experience can guide them to turn their intensity into something productive. Just yesterday, I was teaching a breathing technique to an 8-yr old boy and he loved it. He also laughed his patootie off when I told him I used that same breath at my age (which was funny to him) at the dentist this week. Because the tools I teach your children can last a lifetime. They’re not for just today but the long haul of learning how to become emotionally intelligent, which is setting them up for more life success.

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