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Who are the sensitive kids?

Beautiful Girl on Floor Meditating

Oftentimes, I am asked: Who are the sensitive kids? 

Sensitive kids is an “umbrella” term covering many types of children. They may range from developmentally delayed (for example, autism) to intellectually gifted with an extremely high IQ. Being sensitive isn’t related to your development but is actually part of your true nature – inherent personality, inner self, characteristics, and mindset. Therefore many boys and girls who are born with disabilities (i.e. down syndrome, deaf, blind and more) are also highly sensitive.

Of all the varying types of sensitive kids, I work the most with developmentally regular yet sensitive children known in the metaphysical world as:

  • Indigos
  • Crystals
  • Star Children

Indigos are sensitive yet strong-willed children with a shared mindset. They tend to stand up for what they believe in and oftentimes say, “That’s not fair” because they came to make this world a place that works for everyone. Indigo is also the predominant energy coming to the planet now, and this fast-moving energy can go in either direction quickly (+ or -). So helping the indigos is one of my joys, especially since I have indigo energy. To learn more about these wise yet fierce souls, check out my book: The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids.

Crystals are the healers. They are the most sensitive yet don’t have the defiance of the indigo. Crystal children need an impeccably clean home environment and feel peaceful when things are in order as well as calm. Helping them create atmospheres that work for them is pivotal to their success.

Starlings (star children) are otherworldly and obssessed with outer space. They deeply believe their “home” is out there and have amazing intuitive and healing abilities. Actually, it’s very difficult to put into words these boys and girls abilities since they are multidimensional.

Being Sensitive

Being sensitive doesn’t give you a license to be a brat or act rudely. Sensitive boys and girls merely need to:

  • Learn how to manage their sensitivity
  • Develop ways to handle their intense emotions skillfully
  • Be easier on themselves (and others)

Just yesterday, I was working with a 9-yr old highly sensitive boy named Fox. I asked Fox, “How was you trip?” and he replied, “good.” I then asked, “Have you been on an airplane before?” and Fox immediately got angry and replied, “I’ve been on tons of airplanes. I’ve been to Taiwan, Canada, New York, Florida, Hawaii, China and Washington!” Of course, Fox didn’t intend to come off as a spoiled brat but that’s clearly how he acted in our conversation. I just said, “Wow, you are really fortunate to have traveled to so many places” and he said, “guess so” because he wasn’t focused on being grateful. He got upset that I couldn’t read his mind and instantly know that he was a well-traveled child.

Fox is an intelligent child but also one who hasn’t yet learned how to pause, take a breath, and respond from an intelligent place. He is in the constant mode of having knee-jerk reactions and responding to life from a very emotional place. Granted Fox is nine years old, but that’s not too young to learn how to interact with others in a socially acceptable manner and to learn how to manage his sensitivity so it’s not a liability (which it clearly is at this point). Fox’s mom told me, “I wonder how much I should just let him be how he is and how much I need to change him.” What I encouraged her is that it’s not about changing her son but about helping her son make his sensitivity work for him – not against him.