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The Path of Sensitivity

Over the last few weeks, I have received countless calls from parents and professionals asking me: What do I do?

Upset-child-by-Lotus-Carrol-Creative-Commons Because sensitivity doesn’t emerge sweetly or easily at first. It can be fierce and confusing. For example, I had a psychologist contact me about her 11 year-old client who refused to take the subway because of the noise. It was too loud and upsetting for her. Of course, this may not be a big deal if she was visiting New York, but this is her family’s primary mode of transporation. Or how about the mom who is scratching her head because her son, a 7 year-old gifted first grader, refuses to go to school? What does she do? Examples like this are endless because there’s more than just sensitivity going-on.


But to help point you in the right direction, I believe every sensitive boy and girl needs a mentor. They need to have someone with a similar nature who has been successful (therapist, teacher, mentor, wise guide) help them to manage their sensitivities, develop emotional and social intelligences as well as life skills. Of course, I love my global mentoring program but this isn’t necessarily a commercial for me – it’s an urging for parents and professionals to find “the right person” to help their child on their path of turning the struggle with sensitivity into a true strength.

What i know for sure is that being highly sensitive and intuitive was given to our children as a gift, not a burden. But to transform it into a true asset these children need to gain skills from someone who has been there and done that. Someone who has already been the alchemist of their life and can show your children how they can navigate this not-so sensitive world with more ease. The path really has been paved, you just need to get them on it.

Aura Colors


Children and animals oftentimes see personal energy fields (lights) around people. These lights or colors are referred to as the aura. The color of your aura can share vital information about your personality and life path. Just this week, I got to meet with Pam Oslie, author of Infinite You and Life Colors, who has gone on Dr. Oz and CNN to discuss aura colors. Her expertise on this subject was refreshing and also her ability to “read me” was spot-on since I have an unusual aura and she picked up on many of the nuances. I was impressed.


When I was little I saw auras like many children, but as time marched on I learned not to see the aura. Intuitive and sensitive kids today are different though — they can learn how to see energy, and also ground their abilities in this world without “cutting off” their connection. They are born in a time where intuition is prized and it can help them navigate their world (i.e. avoid problems, streamline data, experience success easier). Of course, it’s not always easy having an uber sensitive system (mind, body, and spirit) but if you learn how to strengthen the gifts and minimize the liabilities life can be an amazing adventure. (remind me to tell you tree falling story!)


What I know for sure is that everyone, especially sensitive kids benefit from having a mentor to help them navigate this not-so sensitive world. It’s the whole reason why I created my mentoring program so that intuitive boys and girls can move through childhood with more ease, and get the awesome opportunity to be who they came here to be with their gifts intact, skills honed and self-expression celebrated. The time really is now for these sensitive souls to soar and it’s up to us to help them!