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What I Believe

I believe that sensitivity is given to us as a gift.

I believe sensitivity can be an asset.

I believe that it oftentimes starts as a struggle.

But with guidance, you (or your children) can turn sensitivity into a strength.

I believe that many uber successful people on the planet are sensitive.

They have transformed what could be a liability into a true asset.

The way has been paved for us as creative, innovative, gifted and yes, sensitive people to succeed.

I believe that we can’t do it alone.

I believe that being mentored is one of the best ways to transform sensitivity into a strength.

The Intuitive Generation


Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society
precisely because there is so much data.
John Naisbitt

Our new generation of boys and girls globally are more intuitive than ever before. Their extra-sensory abilities are turned way up, and frankly I believe they are evolution in action. Since we’ve had the Boomers, Generation X, Y and what some say are Z – today’s children are the sum total of the best of what came before them with the added instincts of Captain Kirk.

The Rise of Intuition

Unlike previous generations that did whatever their parents said, these kids will speak up and stand up for what they want. They may be called difficult, challenging, stubborn and defiant but what these boys and girls are really doing is listening to their inner wisdom, which may not square with what you are asking them to do.

So what I suggest we do is step back, and see the strengths they bring so we can help them in intelligent ways. They collectively possess:

  • High Intuitive Intelligence
  • High Sensitivity
  • High Intensity
  • Multidimensional Awareness
  • Learning Differences

What’s so striking to me is that our children have changed and not necessarily in disordered ways, but different ways. They learn differently (not wrongly), they have fast-moving energy, and a sensitivity that goes beyond what most adults experience, which is why the generation gap is real and continues to widen with each passing moment. The good news is also this intuitive generation “gets” who they really are at an earlier age and begins to make a mighty difference. Its full of kids like Elias Phoenix (piano prodigy at seven), Jack Andraka (teen inventor and scientist) and Christian Buck (Buddy Bench activist at eight). So instead of waiting till after college they start contributing straightaway.

The Next Frontier

Our new generation of children will challenge us to become more connected, not in the iPhone way but in the art of being more of who we really are. It is their high intuitive intelligence, uncanny ability to cut through BS and their dogged determination to make a difference that is their hallmark. They are not good at taking no for an answer, but with a little guidance on the value of cooperation and how to affect positive change on this planet they can “live long and prosper” in the immortal words of Mr. Spock.

Law of Attraction

Sometimes I hear something so “spot-on” I have to share it, and this video clip from Jim Carrey is it. He tells a story of being seven years-old and learning how to manifest things. Of course, we can just brush it off as beginners luck but I really do believe that Jim was learning how to attract, and allow the best of life to flow to him.

Here’s the clip:

What really strikes me about Jim Carrey isn’t that he prayed for the bike, but that he asked for something and let-go of how it was going to show up. He even forgot about what he asked for but let’s be clear I am sure that he really, really wanted that bike (clue: had deep feelings) and was really clear about what he wanted so his order with the universe was placed.

Jim then went about his business of being in second grade, and then the miracle of the bike showed up. It was particularly a miracle since he won a raffle that he never even entered. I know the world has endless ways to bring us and our children our good if we open to them.

Let’s make 2015 the year of miracles, and empower our kids to do the same!